Tree Top Toddlers Testimonials

Some nice word by some of our clients...

Daisy Chain Nurseries

It has been an absolutely pleasure to work with Tree Top Toddlers! The children quickly fell in love with Alfie, the main character of the stories, and they looked forward to each new book. The exercises within the books are purposeful and fun, and the strong links to the EYFS make Tree Top Toddlers an excellent tool in leading children through their physical development goals.

The songs add another dimension to the learning experience and the children were very quick to pick them up. The nursery team have found it easy to build Tree Top Toddlers into the daily routine, and like the fact that it's their programme to follow, enabling them to home in on the skills that they know their individual key children need to develop. This is a great addition to our nursery day and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tree Top Toddlers to other settings.

Kayti Curtis – Director, Daisy Chain Nurseries

Enya's Childcare

IWe have been using the Tree Top Toddlers resource kit for over six months now and have seen invaluable benefits to our children. Each week the little ones anticipate their session with Alfie the Gorilla and we have sometimes repeated the weekly activity as the children enjoyed it so much. It is really exciting to see that the children are following the story and recalling where Alfie was and what he was doing the week before. We feel that Tree Top Toddlers has given our setting something special in terms of finding a resource that enhances both communication and physical development in equal measures.

When introducing potential parents and families to our setting, we often mention that we use the Tree Top Toddlers programme and parents are always thrilled to hear that we offer an exciting extra curricular for their children. Next term, we will be inviting them in to take part in the sessions alongside their children which is a positive way of encouraging parent involvement within our setting.

The equipment and the story books are very high quality and long lasting, as well as versatile and engaging. It is made easy for our staff to use with set weekly activities and guidance. We highly recommend this wonderful programme for other settings.

It was a true honour to attend the Nursery World Awards ceremony alongside Tree Top Toddlers and to applaud them on collecting their award in the Equipment and Resources category.”

Enya Mooney - Managing Director, Enya's Childcare
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