Meet the characters

Say hello to Alfie and his friends...


My Name is Alfie and I’m a Gorilla, I like to swing in the treetops and play all day. I like playing sport with my friends because we learn new games. I have a magic tennis racket that helps me along the way. I go on lots and lots of adventures to many different places, I love to explore and meet new faces. I meet new people and make friends every day, read my books and help me play?

Mikey Monkey

Hi, my name is Mikey Monkey. I live in the trees with all my friends and family. I am a very cheeky and playful monkey, my favourite game is banana blast because I like practicing my throwing. My adventures with Alfie teach me to work with my friends and have fun!

Captain Cat

Ahoy! My name is Captain Cat I am the bravest captain to sail the seas. I seek out adventures on my Pirate Ship, but I have to be careful of the Sea Monster. My adventures with Alfie teach me not to be afraid of what swims in the sea and to try new food at every new Island I find.

Remy Rabbit

My name is Remy Rabbit. I moved to the jungle last year and now I have lots of friends. I love to hop super high and my favourite food is vegetables. They are yummy. My adventures with Alfie teach me to help my friends at school.

Lola Lion

My Name is Lola Lion, my Daddy is the King of the Jungle and we help all the animals live happily together. I like to look after my friends and help them be safe as the Jungle is a very BIG place. My favourite thing to do is practise my ROOOOOOAR, it’s not as loud as Daddy’s though! My adventures with Alfie teach me how to play tennis… I love playing tennis.

Sakura Snake

Hi my name is Sakura Snake, some people think I’m ssssscary but I’m really friendly. I love wriggling around on my tummy. School is my favourite and it’s ssssuper important. I don’t like being late. My adventures with Alfie teach me that practice helps me to learn.

Chloe Croc

My name is Chloe Crocodile. I live in the river near Alfie’s house. I have a really big family and we love music. My adventures with Alfie teach me that if I need help my friends will be there for me.

Pia Pirate

My name is Pia Pirate, I love flying high in the sky over the jungle because I can see where my friends are and see if they would like to play. One of my friends lives on a boat, you might know him, his name is Captain Cat and we love going on adventures together. My adventures with Alfie teach me that being competitive with my friends can be fun and to use my talents to help.

Kirsty Crab

Hi, my name is Kirsty Crab. I am a little crab with a big personality! I love to make sandcastles and play on the beach with my family. I scurry sideways which may look funny but I’m REALLY fast. My adventures with Alfie teach me I can have fun anywhere!

Fairy Princess

My name is the Fairy Princess. My duty is to help all of my jungle friends. I have a magic wand to help me on my adventures and big pink wings to help me fly. I can grant wishes to the jungle animals that have been good and kind. My adventures with Alfie teach me to solve problems.

The King

I am The King; I look after all of the jungle animals. I have a daughter called Lola lion and we live in my castle. My ROOOOOOOAAAR can be heard across the whole jungle. My adventures with Alfie teach me how to look after my kingdom and all of the animals in it. They also teach me to trust my friends to help.

Santa Bear

Ho ho ho, I am Santa and I’m a bear. My favourite time of year is Christmas! I deliver presents to the jungle animals who have been good and kind. My reindeer help me every year on my journey around the jungle, the only problem is they seem to like the taste of my sack that hold the presents. I am always having to repair the holes in the sack so the present do not fall out. I wish they like carrots like normal reindeers. Listen to my song when it’s Christmas time.

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